Comic Book : Marvel

Creators : Fabian Nicieza & Rob Liefeld

Alter Ego/Other Name : Wade Winston Wilson , Merc with a Mouth

Special Powers : Regenerative healing factor; Superhuman stamina, agility, flexibility and reflexes; Devices that allow for teleportation and holographic disguise; Carries a magic satchel; Extended longevity; Immunity to telepathy; Master martial artist, swordsman and marksman; Immortality

Origins Based On : 1998’s Deadpool and Death Annual ; 2010’s Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War ; 2010’s X-men Origins: Deadpool

Born as Wade Wilson, he grew up with his abusive military father . His mother died with a cancer while he was still young . His father was shot dead by his friend . Then he joined the military but it was for the short time as he was kicked out of the service for the bad behavior . Soon after he was diagnosed with cancer and offered a cure in exchange for his participation in a super human enhancement project . Entering in the top secret govt. weapon X program he underwent many procedure , in which one was recreate the natural healing ability using Wolverine’s dna , which failed and leaving him with extensive neurological damage and caused his cancer to overdrive – scaring him to all over his body , so he was labeled as failed experiment and sent to a top secret facility with other failed projects . Where other prisoners took bet on him in dead pool in which inmate would killed next by the warden , in which he was taken to the brink of death before his new found healing abilities activated , remaining scared and mentally unstable he some how gained enough strength and escaped .

As he was unable to live a normal life he became a mercenary for hire calling him self the Deadpool . Due to his neurological damage he fell in to identity disorder and lost his memories of his origin . In time he became expert in many form of martial arts and began wearing a red full body costume select sword as his preferred weapon .


FYI : Deadpool’s character was first created and debuted as a villain in New Mutant #98 but later his character was reimagined as an Anti-Hero.

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Comic Book : Marvel

Creator : Jim Starlin

Other Name : The Mad Titan

Special Powers : Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, longevity, and intelligence; Energy manipulation; Telekinesis; Teleportation

Origins Based On : 1973’s Iron Man #55 ; 1973’s Captain Marvel #28

Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon Titan & he was a part of ancient race known as Deviants , The deviants are an offshoot of the eternals were a race of perfect god-like beings that were created by 2000 foot tall armored space gods known as The Celestials . As mutants Deviants inherited their god-like powers but lacked their perfect looks and noble spirit . Born to an eternal king Thanos was a prince and one of the few to inherit the Deviant gene despite this his family treated him fairly. However he grew increasingly feared by the peaceful and prosperous civilization in which he lives. Eventually he realize that he is different then other people especially his brother Aeros ( Who later beacame an Avenger under the name Star fox ) .

After realizing he is different then others he became more and more distant . He found an unshakable interests to the opposites of the virtues that the eternal stood for namely nihilism and death . He happened upon the physical embodiment of death who appeared as shadowy mistress . He fell in love with her and became determined to prove his love for death by destroying all life .

His ultimate goal is to gain more and more power for bring death to all the living things and destroy everything which comes between him and death .


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This content is based on research done by WatchMojo team and the Wikipedia page , as there are often reimaginigs and different versions, contain may alter.

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Scarlet Witch


Comic Book : Marvel

Creators : Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Alter Ego/Original Name : Wanda Maximoff

Special Powers : Probability manipulation, Reality alteration, Chaos Magic

Origins Based On : 1964’s Uncanny X-men #4, #5 & #11 ; 1965’s Avengers #16 ; 1996’s Uncanny Origins #2 ; 2012’s Avengers Origins :The Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #01

Scarlet Witch is daughter of Magneto and twin sister of Quicksilver . She debuted , as mentioned above, in 1964’s Uncanny X-men #4 as the part of Magnetos Evil Mutant Brotherhood . When Magneto was in Europe he fell in love with a woman , who got pregnant but she didn’t tell the Magneto about this because she was afraid that he will get angry and might harm her , so after Magneto left she gave birth to the twins brother and sister . She gave them up to a gipsy family and left . As they grew up their powers grew too . Knowing about this twins Professor Xavier approached to them to join his X-men team but they denied to it. People of the village were unable to understand them and afraid of them as they decided to kill them but as Magneto was searching his long lost love was around and saved them from those people and hence under his debt unknown of the fact that Magneto is their father they joined the Magneto’s Evil Mutant Brotherhood .

After watching the Magneto’s madness to achieve his goal any way possible , on the coast of hurting the innocents they decided to leave the Magneto’s Evil Mutant Brotherhood . And as they do not wanted to be a part of either side X-men, they decided to Join The Avengers so they can do good without getting between X-men .

Movie Appearances :

This content is based on research done by WatchMojo team and the Wikipedia page , as there are often reimaginigs and different versions, contain may alter.

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